Project Idea Exercise

Yesterday, we had a 2 hour lab for our Final Year Project. We broke up into groups of 3 or 4 people, and were given a set of tasks to help us generate project ideas based on certain topics or circumstances.

The first task was to think of the “greatest creative project that involves cows” – yes, cows. We all looked at each other and thought, what is creative about a cow?  We had 10 minutes to think of one idea. We began to rack our brains for anything at all that would involve cows, and by the end of the ten minutes, we only had one idea and it wasn’t great. Instead of telling everyone our idea(s), Daniel asked each group how many ideas we each had. A few had only one, and others had 5+. He then gave us two minutes to think of 30 ideas – so we tried to think of anything at all, no matter how stupid it was, just to have 30 ideas. When time was up, we only had 11 – most were rubbish, but we came up with a few decent ones. Each group shared their ideas and it was safe to say that ours wasn’t the greatest – but the task of trying to think of 30 ideas in a short amount of time was very helpful, it made us get the stupid ideas out of our heads first and then finally start thinking of good ones. It’ll be a really good way to try to think of ideas for our project.

The next task was to think of a project you want to do before you die, where time, resources and money are no issue. Each member of the group has to explain their idea, and then we all chip in and help add to the idea. My idea was to create a baking app with a brand & website. We all shared our ideas, and afterwards, Daniel questioned a few of us why we chose that medium and why it would be the best one to use. Next, we had to create a statement for the project without stating the medium, and then share it with the class. Again, Daniel helped us out & told us how to make the statement stand out more, how to make it shorter, etc. Finally, we had to talk in our groups about what mediums would be best for our idea and then share them again. It was also a very helpful task and will be of great help when we’re thinking of FYP ideas.

Overall, it was a really great session and I learned a few things about brainstorming ideas for the project and project statements. Now for next week I have to have an idea, so no doubt it’ll be a busy week trying to rack my brain for worthy ideas!




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