A self analysis of my course related strengths and weaknesses

1. What are my strengths as a digital media student?

I feel like my main strengths lie in design – web design and graphic design. It’s what I love most and are my favourite parts of the course. Out of the two, I prefer graphic design & branding. Another strength I would have is coding, especially HTML & CSS. I am not completely comfortable with JavaScript & PHP, but I know a small bit about each from previous modules. Also I feel like after completing the Digital Marketing module last year, marketing is a strength of mine and it was something I really enjoyed.

2. What am I not strong on and why do I think that is the case?

I am not strong on film. I believe this is because I don’t really like it. If I enjoyed it more, I feel like I would work harder on it and in turn, would be better at it. I feel with film, it’s extremely technical – there are a lot of things you must get right – shots, framing, sound, etc. Also, it’s all about opinions with film, someone may think your film is great while others may think it isn’t. There is a lot that goes into film and if you do one or two things wrong, it can easily change how good the final film is. Not saying that I’m not going to do a film because it’s the easy way out, I just feel the technicalities and all the things that go into making a good film wouldn’t seem to be so bad if I actually enjoyed shooting and editing films. I came into this course being iffy about films and I hoped that it would change, and I have made some good video pieces but I’m still not mad about film.

Another area that I feel I’m not strong on is making games. I did enjoy making them but the process and the difficulty of it put me off making them again, and also lead to my choice of choosing Digital Marketing over 3D Environments in 3rd year.

3. Are there any weaknesses that I could / should address through my project?

I feel like I could use my weakness/dislike of creating games and address it in my project by using it as the medium for my project. I did enjoy it previously but it was a lot of hard and difficult work, however it could be a good way to improve my skill dramatically and also give myself another area that I could have a career in. Also, I could include small videos in my project that will help improve my filming skills but also won’t be just about film so it would be a good balance.

I could improve my coding skills in JavaScript & PHP by incorporating these into my project, depending on the medium I decide to use.

4. Are my skills leading towards an area that I want to work in?

Yes, my web & graphic design, branding and marketing skills definitely lead towards the area I want to work in. Design has always been the number one area I want to work in when I get my degree, but as the years have progressed I learned about branding and marketing and I really enjoyed them, so they are other areas I would like to work in also.


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