Possible areas of work

The key areas that I will be comfortable working in are:

Web Design / Graphic Design / Branding / App Design & Development

Web Design

From the beginning of the course, I have always enjoyed web design and have been comfortable with coding HTML & CSS. I’m attracted to this area as I feel it’s a good area to get into – everyone these days has a website so it’s a good area to get into. Styles of web design have changed over the years as well so it’s also a changing industry.

Graphic Design / Branding

Web design was always my main area I wanted to work in but as I have progressed in the course, I began to love graphic design and I am starting to enjoy it more than web design. Graphic design covers a wide range of areas, and includes branding, which we only started doing last year. We had to work with a client and create a brand for them, and it was when we did that assignment that I really started to think about doing graphic design after I get my degree. I also loved learning about design – the history, the principles, and other things like colour, typography, etc. Doing my final year project in the area of design will be a great portfolio piece for getting a future job.

App Design & Development

We have only started the App Design & Development module this year, and before we started it I had never really thought about using an App as a medium for my project. However, after some thought, I think it would be a good area to get into – smartphones are more popular than ever now, and all use apps, so it’s a very “current” area to get into. I feel I am comfortable enough with my coding skills (especially in HTML & CSS) to be able to develop an app, and I will be learning how to design and develop one throughout our module this semester. It will be also a new experience for me, as I have already done many web and graphic design projects throughout the last 3 years. It will be good to experience something new and I will learn a lot along the way and it will build my coding skills. The finished app will be a good portfolio piece for me if I wanted to get a job in that area.

Also, if I ever wanted to do a Master in Digital Media or Design after I graduate or in a few years, any of these three areas mentioned would be extremely beneficial.

There is also a possibility that these three areas could be combined into one Final Year Project – a website, an app that goes along with the website, and also branding for the website/app.

What I like about each of these areas is that there are so many possibilities and ideas that can use these as mediums for my project.




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