Backwards Process

I am about to begin brainstorming for my FYP. However, I’m having a slight problem: I cannot think of anything I want to do. My process of thinking of an idea is backwards –  (the way we were advised not to think of an idea) I’m thinking of the medium, not the topic. I have spent the last few days thinking/worrying about the project and all I can really think of is the medium – a branding project, an app, a website, something to do with design, etc. But it’s the topic that I am struggling with. What am I really passionate about that I could learn and inform others about through my FYP? I don’t want my FYP to be based on something boring and that I’ll get sick of in months to come.

During our lab last week, I had baking in mind as it is one of my hobbies that I have loved and enjoyed for years. It’s interesting to me, but is it others? It’s not the most exciting topic in the world, and may only appeal to a very small amount of people.


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