Lots of little ideas

I took some time to think of different areas and topics I would be interested in covering for my FYP. We were asked to write twenty single line descriptions for our FYP without mediums. Below are my twenty ideas.

  1. Teaching people how to bake.
  2. How to begin and stay track of a fitness journey that suits your goals
  3. Social media and it’s affect on our generation
  4. How technology helps shape our lives
  5. Awareness of mental health and how to deal with it
  6. The danger of texting while driving and it’s implications
  7. Using the internet and how to be smart and safe online
  8. Helping students with their first year of college
  9. The cruelty of animals in aquariums and marine parks
  10. Smart home technology: changing how we live at home
  11. Introducing positive body image into our generation
  12. Dealing with and relieving stress as a student
  13. One stop place for fashion & beauty
  14. Growing up in a technology centered generation
  15. Bringing meditation and calmness into people’s daily lives
  16. Stereotypes in modern society
  17. Beauty hacks for women
  18. A guide for commuters and students moving away from home
  19. Telling the story of being in a 21st century romance
  20. A tourist’s guide to Ireland

Out of my twenty ideas, these are the three I like the most:

  1. Mental health – I am really interested in the topic of mental health. It is extremely important and I feel it still needs to be emphasised on as it is not spoken about enough. Using this topic, I have the ability to touch on many areas such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and much more. Creating a project that not only raises awareness of mental health but also helps people who are sufferers to deal with it would be very interesting and fulfilling.
  2. Fitness – Over the summer I became intrigued with fitness, exercise and healthy eating. However, I found it hard to figure out what exercises I should be doing to reach my goal & what I should be eating. Doing a project on this will help me learn this for myself and for others who are also stuck.
  3. Technology/social media – I’ve always been interested in technology, as like pretty much everyone else, I spend a lot of time on social networking sites. I’ve always liked the topic about how it affects our lives, from body image, self confidence, to addiction and how technology has become so important to us.



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