Examining differing mediums – Interactive Film

Researching other ideas and different mediums is always a good way of finding inspiration. I’ve started looking at 5 different projects, each using a different medium.

Firstly, I watched an interactive film.

“Come to the Secret Location” – Interactive Film

The film was called Come to the Secret Location, which you can view at http://www.hellohello.bz/sl/. The title is pretty self explanatory, it’s about a man who gets an envelope telling him to come to the secret location, and has choices along the way which determine what happens to him.


What I liked about this film was that 99% of it is in black and white, apart from the clues, which are purple. The black and white shots give it that sense of mystery, which goes back to the mysterious nature of the “secret location”, and the clues being the only thing with colour showed their importance.


Another thing I liked was that there was little to no dialogue, yet it was easy to tell what was going on. This shows that while dialogue is powerful, it’s not always necessary to get a message across. The music, along with the sound effects were quite good – they added suspense and tension to the scenes, and if they weren’t there, it’d probably be a bit boring. I also liked that the film kept me intrigued (and sometimes a bit scared) throughout it.


I felt that some scenes dragged on a bit, and I was a bit confused at times. Also, there is no backstory to the character – I don’t know anything about him at all. However, that adds to the mystery of the whole film. The ending confused me, and I didn’t really know what to think of it.


What I learned from it is that dialogue isn’t always necessary, but the right music and sound effects are. I also learned that it’s important to keep the viewer intrigued, or else they’ll lose interest easily.

Although I liked the film, it wouldn’t attract me to make one myself. The only theme prevalent is mystery, and I wouldn’t really like to work with that. It also wouldn’t help my future needs/wants as I don’t plan on doing film outside of college as I don’t have that much interest in it and I’m more skilled in other areas.

The only other medium I can see this being represented in is an interactive website, or maybe a game. However I think the story would need to be worked on a bit more so it is more appealing.



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