Examining differing mediums – a VR Experience

My second medium that I looked at was VR. We had a choice of doing VR or augmented reality, but I decided to do VR as I own a Google Cardboard headset so I thought I may as well try it.

I own an iPhone and the one thing I found was that there aren’t as many good VR apps available like there are on Android. Eventually I found one that seemed interesting, called InCell VR (http://incell.nivalvr.com/)

InCell VR

InCell VR is an exploration game about the cells in your body. It’s educational too, as it tells you about different cells and their functions. You have to tilt your head as you move around the nerves, dodging viruses and collecting protein and white blood cells. Each level is based around a certain cell, e.g., the first level was about Mitochondrion and the second was about Ribosomes.

 photo 97868688-7E15-4F8B-81C4-3F61FC4E74CC_zps0micbxcw.png

Start Menu

 photo 79483E4D-442A-43D5-A210-7DC63A64495B_zpsdn3yt9u4.png

Beginning of game

When the level begins

Firstly. what I liked about this was the graphics, as they were quite nice. I also liked that you could still play the game even if you didn’t own a VR headset. It had instructions on how to use the app, which I found helpful as other VR apps had none and it left me confused as to what to do and what was going on. And overall, I liked the VR game as it was really enjoyable and kept wanting to play more. I also liked that it detected when I took the VR headset off, so it paused the game for me.

Ribosome level

Travelling along the nerve

Green represents protein, which you catch to move quicker

There actually wasn’t anything that I disliked about it, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Red represents the virus, which you have to avoid

From this project, I learned that you can make something that’s educational but it is still fun. Sometimes when you think of educational apps, you automatically assume they’re boring, but this one was fun. I also learned that for VR, instructions are important as if you don’t have them, the user may be confused and may not use the app.

The project does attract me to create something similar as I like the educational side to it, and I have been thinking about creating an app for my FYP. However, I probably wouldn’t do it on the exact same topic. I had never really considered VR but I might have another think about it as it’s something different and is becoming quite popular.

Overall it was a fun experience and I feel for kids they would really enjoy it as they get to learn new things in a fun and unique way. Another way this project could be represented could be a game, however I feel it wouldn’t have the same effect without the VR experience.



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