Examining differing mediums – An innovative use of digital media technology

Lastly, I had to find something innovative that involves digital media, but doesn’t fall under the mediums I have previously spoken about (app, game, website, VR).

This one was quite difficult as most digital media projects involve at least one of the mediums I have mentioned above. After some searching, I found one that seemed interesting, called Look At Me.

Look at Me: Woman’s Aid – Interactive Billboard

This campaign used facial recognition technology to raise awareness of domestic violence and presuade people to report it. The facial recognition technology is built into the billboard screen and detects when people are looking at it. The longer people looked, the woman’s face kept healing until a “thank you” sign appears.

I really like this project as it is simple but carries a very powerful message. It is all based on just getting people to look at the billboard, and then they see the bruises start to heal. This idea can help people become more aware of domestic violence and may encourage more people to report it. It’s a simple idea but it uses a lot of technology to achieve the result, however people see the simple side of it and I like that. They see the important part, which is about violence against women.

I don’t really dislike anything about this project. From the video, I feel that the billboard is placed too far away, and maybe they should’ve placed it in areas where people are able to see it close up.

From this project (along with others) I was reminded again that simple is the way to go. With something like a billboard, people aren’t going to stop and look if whatever is being displayed is too complicated, so being simple is more effective.

I liked this project & the topic as it is interesting and important. However I don’t think I would like to use this medium as I feel it is a bit limited, there is only so much you can do with it. I also don’t have the skills necessary and I would prefer to focus on something I have more experience with.

This project could be created using a different media such as an interactive film, a website raising awareness of violence against women or a digital marketing online campaign.



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