Examining differing mediums – Artistic Installation

Now to be honest, I wasn’t really 100% sure what an Artistic Installation was up until I started researching about them. An artistic installation is a piece of art/media that’s designed for a specific place and allows the viewers to engage with it. Art installations are quite popular, but it was trying to find ones with digital media elements that I found a bit more difficult. After some searching, I found one called Cell (http://www.jamesalliban.com/cell/)

Cell – Interactive Installation

Cell is an installation that detects whenever someone enters a room and each person is given a random identity and avatar. The idea behind this is based on our changing identities on social media. It uses Xbox 360 Kinect to operate. Keywords from online profiles are used and are scattered across the screen and eventually certain ones are attached to the viewer.

I like this project as it’s quite different – I have never seen anything like it before. I like the idea too as it kind of shows that online, you can be anyone. It’s an interesting topic and it’s relatable, as social media is extremely popular.

One thing I dislike about it is that the design aspect is a bit bland – it isn’t visually appealing but it has an interesting concept behind it.

The topics of identity and social media are interesting and the project does attract me to these topics, especially social media as I have always found it compelling. Despite that, I don’t think an art installation would be a route I would go down as it doesn’t interest me as much as other mediums I have looked into.

I think the art installation medium is most suitable for the idea behind the project, but if there was another medium that would be possible to use maybe would be an interactive film, or maybe a website, but the idea would have to be changed a bit as it wouldn’t be able to detect when someone enters a room.



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