Examining differing mediums – Visual Design Project

For this medium, I began to look on two sites I use regulary, Behance & Dribbble. They are both good places to find inspiration and really good design projects. After searching through a few, I found one that caught my eye, called the Yellow Submarine Burger on Behance. You can view this piece here https://www.behance.net/gallery/20782571/Yellow-Submarine-burger

Yellow Submarine Burger

The Yellow Submarine Burger is a burger restaurant in Croatia. The logo, brand  and website was created by Ivan Dilberovic of the ZOO Agency.

What I really like about this project is that the brand is unique – a lot of restaurants would use a more elegant style, fonts, etc. but this brand stands out as it looks fun. I like the use of greens which help show that the restaurant is organic, and it’s healthy. It goes along with the tagline “healthy burger in sight”.Every aspect from the menu, to the website all relate back to the branding, so it’s easy to recognize. The cartoon font works well here and doesn’t make it look childlike. I also really like the packaging too, and the illustrations of the burgers on the menu and on the windows.

I honestly can’t find anything about this project that I dislike as everything ties in together so well. The brand is incorporated in every aspect – the menu, the logo, the packaging, and even the interior design.

The main things I learned from looking at this project is that colours should relate back to the aims/objectives of the company – you need to have a reason for choosing certain colours. Also, I learned that with a brand it must be incorporated into each aspect, otherwise the brand & the business won’t be recognizable and people may get confused if everything isn’t uniform. This project also reminded me that simple is always better!

This project attracts me to do branding for a company. I personally love branding, and would love to do it in the future. I love being able to design and produce something that is simple yet unique and this work is both simple and unique. Even the theme of branding for a restaurant is attractive to me as there are lots of possibilities.

Instead of doing a branding project, another medium they could’ve went with was just a website with a logo. However, I don’t think it would’ve been as suitable as a full branding project, or as effective.





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