First Project Supervisor Session

On Wednesday, we had our first session with all the supervisors. We got into small groups and talked in front of two supervisors, Daniel & Hugh. We each talked for 5 minutes about our strengths, weaknesses, possible areas of work, what we learned from examining the five different projects, and the idea we were thinking of doing for our project. Afterwards, Daniel & Hugh asked each of us relevant questions about the project.

After talking about my own project, both supervisors seemed to think it was a good topic (I want to do Mental Health as my topic) and just asked me a few questions about which areas I want to get into, and also told me about previous projects that are based on mental health. There isn’t just one part of mental health (e.g. anxiety) that I want to focus on – I feel like I should focus on different aspects of it so my project would suit more people.

The next step for me is to research different mediums – we need to have three different mediums in mind that would work with our topic. I also need to research the previous Year 4 projects that focused on mental health, as well as mental health projects outside of our course.



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