The Treatment – Our First Deliverable

We were given our first deliverable for our FYP – a Treatment.

“The treatment is a document which will describe three alternative approaches to the exploration and representation of the chosen theme (mine being mental health). The main purpose of the treatment is to describe an approach and to convince the reader of the merits of the particular approach, medium etc. Treatments may describe key ideas, concepts, viewpoints, approaches, skills, technologies, materials, platforms, styles etc.”

The treatment is due next Wednesday, so I need to start researching different approaches to my topic of mental health.

Mental health can be represented in many different mediums, but I also have to consider my strengths and weaknesses here – there is no point in writing 500 words about an approach that I won’t want to do and that doesn’t work with my strengths (for example, a documentary.)

Ideally I would like my project to fall in the lines of these mediums: a website, a visual project / branding, an app or marketing. I feel like any of these mediums would work well to create a good project.



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