Supervisor Session #3

We met up for the third supervisor session of the semester on Wednesday.

Each of us spent 5 minutes talking through our treatment document that was due Wednesday morning. After we had finished, our supervisors Daniel and Hugh asked us any questions they had in relation to our theme and treatment.

The treatment document contained three treatments of our theme. With my theme being mental health, my treatments were an app, a website and a campaign.

After I had finished speaking about my treatment, I got feedback from my supervisors.

Daniel mentioned that my website treatment and campaign treatment realistically could be all one treatment. I never really thought about it beforehand but he had a point.

He also mentioned that for my app treatment, I can’t have too many features and to take that into consideration.

Hugh mentioned that for the campaign treatment, I need to be specific and I really need to focus on the effectiveness of it and how it’ll work.

I was then asked what treatment I’m leaning towards. I feel like the app is my favourite treatment. There isn’t really anything like it currently and it is a challenge for myself as I have never developed an app before.

I found the session helpful as it gave me insights into each of the treatments that I had never thought of before – all which will help me in the future.

The next session isn’t until after the midterm break, and we’re expected to have examples of inspiring research relating to our theme/treatment.


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