Inspiration – Buddy Project

The first piece of work I’ve found inspiring is called the “Buddy Project”. The Buddy Project is a movement that involves pairing people as buddies and also raising awareness for mental health. Visit their website here.


I stumbled upon the Buddy Project because I was searching online for projects about anxiety, as that is one element of my own project. Under their Resources page, they have a list of things that will help relieve your anxiety, like breathing, things to calm you down, cheer you up, distract you, coping strategies and much more. (view them all here!)

The Anxiety section is only one small part of the Buddy Project. The main part of the BP is signing up and becoming a buddy with someone who has similar interests – a friendship is made and you are able to talk to each other, get to know one another & give each other support when it’s needed.


I feel that this project is relevant to mine as it deals with similar areas – anxiety, being one that I have mentioned above as it lists ways to deal with it, calm down, etc. It also has an “alternatives” page (here) where it gives you a list of things to do when you’re sad, angry, restless, etc. This aspect is similar to mine in the sense that I want to provide ways/tips on how you can cope with mental illness.


What I learned from this piece of work is that you must be simple. The design of the website is clean, minimal and isn’t too cluttered. It has the right amount of information without having to read through pages and pages of text. It’s laid out in a way that makes it easy to read.

Another thing I learned was that it’s focused on one main area – becoming a buddy – and then has smaller areas such as the alternatives, hotlines and the anxiety section. I think this could be applied to my project as it was already mentioned to me at the last supervisor session that I shouldn’t have lots of features on my app, and instead focus on a certain few. The Buddy Project only focuses on a few and it’s executed well.





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