Inspiration – Ivory & Pine

While searching on Pinterest about Mental Health, I stumbled upon a post called “A Mental Health Day Playlist”. It’s a playlist for your self care. It brought me to website called Ivory & Pine, which is a blog about mental health, self care and awareness written by a therapist name Laura.


I had a look around the site and I thought it was really nice. I had never thought of looking at a blog as a source of inspiration until I found Ivory & Pine.


There are blog posts based on mental health such as depression, anxiety, mindfulness and awareness. Laura also focuses on self-care with posts about soul care, wellness, simplicity and minimalism.

The posts I really enjoyed reading were:

1o Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Week


A Mental Health Day Playlist


How to De-Stress During Busy Days


How to Effectively Set Goals


The blog is a source of inspiration for me as the posts gave me new information and tips about different aspects of mental health. Another way it inspired me is that I had never thought of the topic of “self-care” and how important it is. It has changed my thinking slightly because I might include self-care as one aspect of my project because it’s important and the whole idea of taking care of yourself and loving yourself isn’t focused on enough.

From looking through the website, I could tell that the website is fairly new as it doesn’t have a wide range of blog posts and a lot of the categories are interlinked (a blog post about anxiety came up under self-care). However, the design of the website is simple, minimal and it works really well. It’s not bursting with loads of colour but it has subtle hints of colour that stop it from looking too boring. Also I like the font choices and images throughout the site. Again, what I’m learning from these sources of inspiration is that simple is always better!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration – Ivory & Pine

  1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for giving Ivory & Pine a shout out! I hope your project is going well, I found it really interesting and it’s so awesome that you’re focusing on mental health! Good luck throughout this endeavor.

    Much love,


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