Inspiration – MindShift

MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety. You can download the app on the Google Play Store or on the App Store for free. You can also read more about the app here.


MindShift helps you learn how to deal with anxiety by giving you helpful ways of thinking and steps that will help ease your anxiety. The app is relevant to my project as it deals with anxiety (one aspect of my own project) and I’m hoping to do an app for my project too.


I downloaded the app myself and tried it out to see what it was like. The main screen adopts a springboard layout with six main sections: (and also a settings & help section)

  • Anxiety 101 – displays a list of questions about anxiety & the answers


  • My Situations – you choose a situation that you need help with from the list that is given and then you’re given tools and tips on how to deal with the situation


  • Check Yourself – based on the situation you’ve chosen, you select the rate of anxiety you face & what you experience (you can also do this for general anxiety)


  • Thinking Right – you’re then given thoughts that you should focus on before, during & after the situations and you favourite the ones you like the most


  • Chill Out Tools – different tools are given to you that will help you with your anxiety such as mindfulness, visualizations and relaxation exercises


  • Active Steps – these are steps you should take to help with the situation – weeks before it, days before it, and after it


  • Inspiration – inspiring quotes are given to keep you going


There is also a “Quick Tips” section that give you tips when you’re feeling anxious & need help fast.


After using the app myself, I feel that it’s quite good and I might use it a few more times to see it’s effectiveness.

In some ways, the app is quite similar to what I have proposed to do, however MindShift is majorly focused on anxiety. My challenge now is to get my app to stand out from this one.

Overall I really like the app – it’s easy to use, it’s simple and the steps and tips it gives seem really helpful. The only downside of it, for me, is the design. It’s quite boring and isn’t visually appealing and I feel it could be improved. Another thing I noticed while using the app is that the font for some of the text is too big and it cuts off. (for example on the Situations screen, I couldn’t read all of the different situations because they were cut off) When designing my app, I need to make sure that the design is really nice as well as it functioning properly.



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