Inspiration – Please Talk

Today I had a look at an Irish website called Please Talk, which is “Ireland’s student-led mental health movement”. It’s run by students, for students.


It’s name and tagline (Talking is a sign of strength) matches the aim of the site/movement – to get Irish students talking about their feelings/worries/problems.

Mainly focused on college students, Please Talk helps you find support services in your college, and also gives you off campus support for when you’re not on your college campus.



They also have a number of other services, including:

How to Talk Guide – this guide provides you with help on supporting someone you know who is going through a troubling time or if you want to reach out for help for the first time. It gives you answers on questions like who you should talk to, why you should talk and more.



News –  the news section keeps you updated with events based on mental health around different colleges, campaigns around the country, and also has articles about addiction, and other mental health related topics.


Blog – the blog on Please Talk is written entirely by students who speak about their own story, whether that be going through a difficult time and reaching out for help or supporting others who needed help. A blog post I really enjoyed reading was Nicola’s story.


The reason I felt this movement was relevant to my own project was not only because it was about mental health – it was more because it focused solely on students, and my target audience is students so I felt it was important to look at a project/work that is focused on them.

This movement is inspiring to me because it’s focused on talking and it’s a place where students can talk about their own story and contribute and help others who may be in a similar situation to them. Talking is so important and writing about your experiences, feelings and thoughts is helpful and can help you feel better. I can put this into practice with my own project as I’m thinking about having a “thought journal” as one of the aspects, where users can write about how they’re feeling, how their day went, what was positive and what can be improved on. Letting your thoughts out can be relieving and helpful.

Please Talk from Please Talk on Vimeo.


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