Inspiration – Know Anxiety

Know Anxiety is a campaign created by, Ireland’s Youth Information website. Know Anxiety is a campaign that focuses on recognizing, managing and minimizing anxiety.


In the campaign, Spun Out have created content based on different areas of anxiety, such as:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder– they explain what GAD is, it’s symptoms, causes and how to treat it and get help for it with mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, exercise, and more. Visit the article here.


Social Anxiety Disorder – an article based on social anxiety order, which gives people a fear of social situations. This article talks about the disorder, socialising, challenging unhelpful thoughts, reassessing your thinking and tips for managing anxiety. Visit the article here.


Phobias – this article explains what phobias are, the symptoms of having a phobia, examples of common phobias, the causes of them and how to cope with them. Read more here.


Anxiety quiz – a short quiz that helps you learn about anxiety, different type of disorders, and more. Take the quiz here.


They have lots of other articles about anxiety on their site, such as things to do that will manage your anxiety, how to support someone with anxiety and dealing with anxiety during exams.


They have Real Life stories from young people who have experienced anxiety themselves. You can view these & other articles on their Know Anxiety page.


Watch their short video about the Know Anxiety campaign below:

Obviously this campaign is relevant to my own project as it deals with anxiety, which is one major aspect of mental health and is something I will be focusing on. Even though my own project isn’t going to be a campaign, I felt it was important to have a look at all different forms of mental health projects as they are still able to inspire me even if the medium isn’t the same as my own project.

The information given in the campaign is really important, and I like the way they don’t just focus on anxiety itself – they go into details about general anxiety and other forms of anxiety like social anxiety. The quiz is also a good way of informing people about anxiety. What I liked the most was the style/design of the campaign & the video – it’s nice to look at yet it still gives important information. This is what I need to achieve with my own project – I want it to be informative as well as looking visually appealing at the same time.


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