Inspiration – Stamping Out Stigma

My next inspiration piece is another campaign called Stamping Out Stigma. As the name already explains, the campaign is based on “stamping” out the stigmas that are attached to mental health and instead promote positive mental health. The campaign was run by Oxford & Buckinghamshire NHS in 2010. Visit the site here.


The campaign asked people to stop using hurtful words like nutter, retard, psycho etc. as they can hurt and offend people who are dealing with difficult mental health issues.

The campaign collects pledges from people who promise to not use these words. As of today (November 8th, 2016) they have collected 107,554 pledges. You can pledge here.


As well as getting people to pledge, they are actively working with schools and employers around England to help stop the stigma behind mental health.

The website also has a blog with their progress with the campaign, and other mental health related topics. They also have resource packs for schools and employers to help inform and guide teachers and employers so they can help and support people with mental health illnesses in schools and the workplace.



The images for the campaign are what really attracted me to the campaign. They stand out and make you look at them and think about the message behind them. Even though they are simple, they are straight to the point and they are extremely eye catching. I’ve mentioned before that the more I research inspiring work, the more I learn that I have to be simple about my approach and design as it really seems to be what works well and it’s more effective. This project is another example that shows that simple works well.

sos1.jpg sos3.jpg

The one thing about the campaign I disliked was the website – I felt that the campaign images didn’t reflect the website at all, and vice versa. The images really stood out to me but the website is nothing special and you wouldn’t think that they are from the same campaign as they don’t match. From this, I learned that each aspect of my project must be uniform – they have to be recognizable as a whole and as separate aspects.

sos4.jpg sos5.jpg


While the website has good information, the design isn’t great and I feel it’s a bit cluttered. However, I really like the campaign images as they are very powerful.


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