Supervisor Session #4

Today we had our first session since we returned from the Midterm Break. The main focus of the supervisor sessions this week was to see our progress on our project since we last met – what treatment/medium we’ve decided to go with and we also had to speak about any of the inspiring works we have found. (We have an Inspiration document due on the 23rd of November)

When it was my turn to speak, I talked about choosing to do an app based around Mental Health for students. I then spoke about some of the inspiring projects/works I have looked at over the past week, and I printed off the blog posts I had written about them with pictures to help articulate what I was talking about. (I felt that printing out my blogs to show what I had looked at isn’t the greatest way of showing my research so from now on I’ll bring my laptop or a tablet.)

After I had finished speaking, Hugh gave me some really helpful feedback. He told me that the aim of my project should be on solving a problem.. so students will get some use out of the app and it’ll help them with their mental health issues – if it solves a problem, people will keep continuing to use it instead of looking at it once and then deleting it. So I need to focus on how I can solve/help mental health issues, which will mean I have to do a lot of research. The effectiveness is so important, and it goes beyond it looking nice and easy to use.

As for my inspiration research, he advised me to focus on apps that solve problems– for example personality disorders, sleep issues, anger management, organisational problems, etc. Seeing how these problems are solved through apps will really help me with my own project. He also mentioned that these apps focus on one thing and execute it well.

He also noted that while the text information is important, don’t have it too text heavy and instead I should think about how I can display the important information in a nice way.

After everyone was finished, Hugh reiterated that we shouldn’t only look online for sources of inspiration but instead we should go out to libraries, exhibitions, etc and be inspired by them. So I’m going to try to get out to different events/talks regarding mental health and talk to people involved with it and get their opinion.

I feel it was a productive session and I have more of an idea of where and what to look for in terms of inspiration.



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