Inspiration – Anger Management Fix

After our most recent supervisor session, Hugh told me I should have a look at apps that solve problems – for example anger management apps, organisation apps, personality disorder apps, etc. So for my next few inspiration posts, they will be focused on these.

The first type of app I went searching for was for solving anger management issues. I went onto the Google Play Store and the highest rated anger management app was called Anger Management Fix. It’s free to download but you have to pay for some of it’s features.


The main feature of the app is based around hypnosis, where you listen to a 30-35 minute hypnosis to help relieve your anger.


The hypnosis asks you to turn off all devices: phones, tv’s, tablets, etc. (obviously just not the device you’re using to listen to the hypnosis!) Then you get into a comfortable position and make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes. The hypnosis focuses on getting you relaxed, and a woman speaks to you through the entire 30-35 minutes. The first exercise you do is an eye exercise, where you look up over your forehead to the back of your head and then you open & close your eyes for a few minutes until you’re asked to keep your eyes closed.


Other features of the app include:

An Awakening Course – this is a paid feature of the app. It gives you a step by step approach to achieving your goals and boasts that you will achieve a full mind, body and spirit transformation in every area of your life like wealth, health, happiness and more.


Subliminal MP3’s – With the app you get to download 3 free subliminal hypnosis MP3’s which help you change your mindset about negative self beliefs, rewrite the way you think and change your behaviour.


Articles about Anger Management – there are a list of different articles that speak about anger management such as how it might be triggered, how to stop it, and more.


Similar to my project, this app is trying to solve a problem – it’s trying to help relieve people’s anger problems. However, as I personally don’t suffer from anger management problems, it’s difficult for me to be able to evaluate it’s effectiveness. Out of all the features on the app, the hypnosis one would be the best as it’s the only active feature trying to help relieve the problem.

I also feel like I should comment on the style of the app – I know it’s not the main focus but I feel like the style of the app isn’t appealing at all and it could look a lot nicer.

I’m going to have a look around for another anger management app and compare it to this one to see if it’s more effective.


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