Inspiration – DBT911

The next “problem solving” app I am going to look at is called DBT911. It’s a dialectical behaviour therapy self-help app. DBT is a type of therapy that’s used to help you develop different types of skills, and is aimed for people with borderline personality disorder, people with severe mood disorders and people who are suicidal or are self harming.Screenshot_2016-11-11-17-31-00.png


The features of the app are labelled as modules, and they are:

Mindfulness – different mindfulness activities that you can do such as obsverving, describing and participating


Emotion Regulation – things that will help regulate your emotions: being mindful of your current emotions, reducing vulnerability, building mastery and more


Relations – changing your feelings/attitudes towards others and yourself. This gives you tips and ways to interact with others and also the relationship you have with yourself through goal orientation, relationship orientation and self-respect orientation


Distress Tolerance – these skills are used to help people cope and survive during a crisis. The skills include distraction, improving the moment, acceptance, and creating a pros and cons list


Validation – this module is all about validating yourself, others and how to acquire validation from others


Diary Card – each day you can fill in the diary card rating your depression & anxiety levels & your suicidal thoughts from 0-5 at three stages throughout the day


I think this app is really effective at helping people with borderline personality disorder – it has a lot of different features and once you use them all regularly, I feel they would be quite helpful. When I researched different features of the app, like distress tolerance, I read that it is very helpful with borderline personality disorder – it’s clear that the appropriate amount of research was done for the app to see how effective the tools would be. I know that I need to do a good bit of research to make sure the tools I have in my app will be just as effective.



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