Inspiration – BetterYou Hypnosis

BetterYou Hypnosis is another self-help app and according to their tagline it’s the “#1 Best Self Improvement App in the World”. It’s free to download on the App Store only.


The main aim of the app is improving your skills in certain areas, overcome fears, addictions and achieve your full potential.


The way this is tackled in the app is in the title -hypnosis. There are many different sessions you can choose from, such as getting a better sleep, overcoming anger issues, soothing a headache pain, to learning how to be better at soccer, learning to perform under pressure and how to have a productive study session.

IMG_8027.PNG IMG_8028.PNG

You get one free session, and after you choose that session, all the rest cost $1.99 to use. I chose the public speaking session. It was split into three parts: an intro, the main session, and the pre speech. In total, the entire session only lasted around 13 minutes which is quick & handy if you don’t want to spend too much time on it. I’m not sure if all the sessions are this short as you have to purchase them to be able to see their length.


I tried the public speaking hypnosis session myself so I could see how effective it was. The first steps were to get comfortable, try to relax, breathe slowly & close your eyes. It then asked me to see through my mind’s eye, and the rest of the session was based on looking at a rectangular grid and grasping the negative and positive feelings towards public speaking, and letting the bad feelings go. The next section, Pre-Speech is used for just before public speaking so to rate it’s effectiveness, I’d have to use it before I did a speech/presentation myself. I actually quite enjoyed the hypnosis and I felt good afterwards. It went by pretty quickly and I interacted with it the whole way. The best way for me to find out if my mindset/feelings towards public speaking has changed is to see how I feel next time I’ve to present something.

IMG_8029.PNG IMG_8030.PNG

The app covers a lot of different topics so I feel there is probably something in it that will suit everyone. Some people may download the app just for one specific session, which means they don’t have to pay anything. However, if you want to try out different sessions you do have to pay, but $1.99 isn’t expensive at all. I also like the overall design of the app.






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