Inspiration – Habitual

Habitual is an app that helps you create good habits and break bad ones. It’s only available on the App Store and you can download it here.


Like I mentioned above, Habitual focuses on making and breaking different habits which you can choose yourself. Each day, you cross out the day and if you are successful with making/breaking the habit, you get applauded and you can share the achievements with others.

When you first open the app, it explains the purpose of the app and how it works.


When you add a habit, you choose whether it’s a habit you want to make or one you want to break. You give it a name and you can choose to remind yourself about it at a certain point during the day and whether you want to share it with others or not. In the extras section, you choose the cue (what you do that starts the habit), the routine (what your desired action is/how to tackle it), the reward – what you’ll get in turn for successfully making/breaking the habit and the plan – what you’ll do when you find it difficult to make/break the habit.

IMG_8020.PNG IMG_8021.PNG

I like the overall idea of the app and I believe if you are committed to trying to make or break a habit, this app would be useful as it’s simple and it’s easy to use. However, the compatibility and functionality of the app is poor – it crashes anytime I tried to enter the name of a new habit and I got a warning that it may slow down my phone. I think this is because it’s an old app that hasn’t been updated to any of the newest iOS versions. If these issues are fixed and maybe a better, more appealing design was implemented, it could be a really good app to use.



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