Inspiration – Happier

For now I’m focusing on self-help apps. The next app I had a look at was called Happier, which you can download on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Their website also has some good articles about improving your happiness.

The app is based around sharing a happy moment from your day with just a thought or a photo. According to research, if you do this three times a day, you can improve your overall happiness.


There is a social aspect to it also, where people can comment on your happy thoughts and “smile” (similar to the ‘Like’ on Facebook.) You can send private messages too.


You can invite your friends to join the community through their email, your contacts list or from Facebook (if you connect to it.) When you share your location, you can see what people who are nearby have posted. There is also a featured section where you see random happy thoughts and also quotes that you can share.


Another feature of the app is Courses. These courses (some of which are free and others you’ve to pay for) have different purposes, such as changing your attitude, meditation, confidence building, reducing stress, and more. The courses are based on your own schedule so you can do them whenever you have the time – you also have unlimited access to them so you don’t have a limit on how long you can use it for.



I really like the idea behind the app – it’s a simple idea but it seems effective as the research shows that it helps you improve your happiness. The ‘community spirit’ within the app seems to be effective too as it’s all about people supporting each other.

It’s clear from this app (and some others) that it’s the research that goes into seeing what works is what makes the app useful and effective. Also, I feel the colours and the overall design of the app is very nice and promotes happiness and positivity.


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