Inspiration -Self Help for Anxiety Management

The next self-help app I’m looking at is based around managing your anxiety – which is related to my project, called Self Help for Anxiety Management (SAM). Download on the App Store or the Google Play Store. You can visit the site here.

The app was the 2016 Winner of the Best Anxiety App by HealthLine. The app is made in collaboration with the University of the West of England and it aims to help you understand what causes your anxiety, allows you to monitor your thoughts and manage your anxiety with meditation and exercises.


The features SAM has are:

Working with SAM – this feature has a FAQ style to it, where it answers questions like the aim of the app, and other tips such as using your anxiety profile, examples of anxiousness, things that make me anxious, and more


Help for anxiety NOW – this includes three exercises to help lessen panicky feelings – calm breathing (which is self explanatory) , picture peace (you choose a photo, it’s hidden and you have to “scrub” the screen slowly until the entire picture is visible again) and change the focus (ways on how to shift your attention way from any anxious thoughts you experience)


How’s my anxiety right now? – here you can rate your thoughts and feelings about your anxiety, e.g. feelings of anxiety and tension and avoiding things I fear. You can save these for next time


Self help with SAM – this section has different exercises you can do, such as learning about the info about anxiety, thinking and anxiety, mental and physical relaxation, etc.


Things that make me anxious – you have the ability to write down things that make you anxious and you can also rate the feelings/thoughts of anxiety here like you can in the How’s my anxiety right now section.


My anxiety toolkit – Here you can add self-help tools from the Self help with SAM section that will help you manage your anxiety


Anxiety tracker – you can study the pattern in your anxiety. The feelings/thoughts you rated in the How’s my anxiety right now section will be input here & you can see how it changes over days/weeks/months


Social cloud – you can share your experiences with the community and get support from other people all while remaining anonymous

Out of all the anxiety apps I have looked at so far, this seems to be the best. It has everything you need, and the exercises and tools seem to be effective and really helpful. I also like the idea of the social cloud – where you can get support from others but you don’t have to share your identity. That aspect is unique in relation to other anxiety apps. I think the way the features interlink with each other is interesting too.


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