Inspiration – Pacifica

The next app I’m going to look at is called Pacifica – which is a daily tool that is used to manage stress, depression and anxiety. It’s free to download on both the Google Play Store and App Store.


When you first sign up to the app, you choose a goal – it could be improving your stress, feeling less stress and anxious, or living a healthier lifestyle. Then you choose a theme which you find is the most relaxing.


The main steps to using Pacifica involves rating your mood daily, doing different exercises and finding support with people who are experiencing similar things as you.


On the home page, you can choose your mood for the day along with writing your feelings/thoughts about your day. With the goals, you set goals and daily challenges – there are some you can choose from or else you can just write your own. If you’ve any thoughts, you can input them in the Thoughts section on the homepage either through text or through voice.


Other features include:

Health – here you can set daily habits in relation to sleep, exercise, water intake, caffeine, eating and more. You choose the amount you want to achieve daily with your habit, for example the amount of hours you want to sleep for each day or the intake of water. You have the ability to create your own habit and you can also set a daily reminder on any habit you’ve chosen


Relax Now – the relax now section is pretty self-explanatory  – it’s used when you need to unwind and relax. It’s split into different sections – basic, stressful situations, mindfulness, calming down and inner strength. Each exercises varies in length and some are free while others are premium.


Groups – you have the ability to join different groups, depending on the situation you are going through, where you can chat to people who are experiencing similar things. Some of the groups you can join are: anxiety and depression, life events and family, relationships and more. You can also create your own group


Community – similar to the groups, there are different communities that you can join and talk about depending on the different topics.


Pacifica has a really nice “relaxation” feel to it, which I like. I feel a sense of calmness when I use it and I feel that’s important when you’re using an app that you want to help reduce/manage stress or anxiety. The different aspects work really well together – you can use the meditation exercises to calm down and you can also track your mood over weeks/months etc as well as creating new positive habits, goals and challenges. Even if you aren’t using the app for stress and anxiety, it’s a good app to use if you just want to improve your overall mental health or keep track of it. It’s a really inspiring project to me because it motivates me to want to make my app just as good as Pacifica.


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