Supervisor Session #5

This week we got feedback on our Treatment document and we spent pretty much all of our supervisor session speaking about our feedback, clarifying some things and talking about the Inspiration document that’s due next week.

I wasn’t overly surprised with the feedback I had received. I needed to research my treatments a lot more and show more comparisons with regards to other apps, websites and campaigns I looked at and show some more evidence that I am informed about both the mediums and the topic I had chosen.

The point of the app having too many features came up again. I’m not 100% sure if having four features is having too many as many of the apps I have researched for my inspiration document have a lot more than four features, some even having eight. However, I do understand the really good apps that are effective usually focus on one main feature so I will take this point into account, as well as all the points that were brought up.

The aim of my app is to help people with mental health issues and I need to be informed on how to do this and what works. I can’t just decide myself what would work because I am not an expert in this area. Therefore, I am after looking online at different mental health websites to get in contact with (Spun Out, Walk In My Shoes, Please Talk, Mental Health Ireland and Recover Your Mental Health.) I sent them an email explaining the project and asked them what they would like to see in the app and any advice they could offer.

Next week we’re going to talk about the best 5 of the 25 inspirations we have looked at.


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