Inspiration – Little Things

I came across this website after looking at the Better Together videos (we entered a video into the competition as part of Ian’s module) – one of the videos we looked at, It’s Grand is done based on mental health by Connect Mental Health. I went onto their website and had a look around at it and came across a section called Little Things.

Little Things has a list of eight different things that can help your mental health – sometimes the little things can make a big difference.

These eight things are:

Sleeping Well – sleep impacts how you feel, so aim to get 7 or 8 hours every night


Drinking Less Alcohol – reducing your alcohol intake will improve your mental health and reduce day to day difficulties


Staying in touch with friends – catching up with friends and family gives us a sense of community


Boost your mood with healthy food – regular, balanced, nutritious diets will impact your mental and physical health


Doing things with others – take part in group activities to improve your mood and overall health


Looking out for others  – supporting others, talking to them when they’re stressed or down, will also impact your mental health in a positive way as well as theirs


Talking about your problems – sharing your problems with others will always make them feel smaller, even if you don’t arrive at a solution or fix


Keeping Active – your mood will improve if you keep active for short amount of time every day


The style of these infographic posters are simple, yet they are visually appealing and capture your attention. They also aren’t text heavy, they give the information that’s important in one or two short lines. This kind of style is what I want to go for with my project – I want to keep the info short and concise while keeping the important info with nice illustrations. The tips given in these Little Things are useful as well, and also the idea of the little things can make a big difference is nice.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration – Little Things

  1. Hi Andrea, My name is Ciaran – I setup Connect Mental Health in Donegal. Im from Ballyshannon in Donegal but live and work in Dublin. We work very closely with the HSE who came up with the Little Things campaign as part of their mental health strategy. We use the Little Things campaign as part of our events and initiatives as its such a simple but effective campaign. If you have any questions about Connect Mental Health feel free to drop me a line


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