Inspiration – Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed is a past CDM Final Year Project. It is described as a point and click animation that focuses around the mind of a young girl that is struggling with anxiety and depression. It was created by a student called Karl Smith from last year (2016). You can view the post about the project on the CDM website.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 12.34.48.png

The aim of the project is to inform people of the growing rise of anxiety and depression in recent years.

The story behind Overwhelmed is about a girl who slips into her subconscious mind, trying to run from her struggles with anxiety and depression and the obstacles (represented as visual metaphors) along the way.

I wasn’t able to view the animation in full as it doesn’t seem to be online, but I was able to look at the Demo Reel and also a video about how it was made.

It’s clear how this project relates to my own as it deals with the topics of anxiety and depression. I like the idea of focusing into the girl’s subconscious and showing how her struggles with her mental health issues. I wish I was able to see the full animation so I could watch it in full with sound (the reel doesn’t have any sound) and to see how effective the project is. Visually, it is really nice, the characters are drawn well, I like the visual backgrounds and the animations work well. It’s obvious a lot of work went into this project. I think the animation style is quite unique as a way of raising awareness about the topic of mental health.



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