Inspiration – Personal Zen

I found an app/game called Personal Zen, a scientifically-validated game that helps you to reduce stress and anxiety. The app is built by neuroscientists and developers and can be downloaded on the App Store.


Firstly, you select your weekly goal where you choose how many minutes a day you want to play the game for based on your personal goal (if you’re just trying to maintain a positive outlook or if you really want to destress)


The idea of the game is that you simply trace the path of the sprite smoothly and quickly and try not to let the angry sprite distract you. In order to swipe correctly, you have to complete the path.


Afterwards, you can check your activity and see how much of your personal goal you have completed in the week. It tells you the amount of minutes you should spend a week and day according to your personal goal.


The app states that research shows that playing Personal Zen boosts the brain’s ability to focus on the positive in our daily lives.


I like the app, it has a simple concept and it’s executed well. It’s a game and you wouldn’t even think it’d help you destress and lessen your anxiety because it’s just a game. The personal goal aspect is good as you can choose how long you should play for based on what you’re looking to get out of the game. This app is an example of one that focuses on just one sole feature and it’s effective. The research also proves that it is effective too – another example of that research into these things are vital to make the project work and be useful for its users.




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