Inspiration – 12 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

Staying with the topic of how to cope with mental health issues, I found a website called Have I Got a Problem. It’s a free mental health resource site, with videos, documents, free diagnostic tools & free online counselling. It was on this website where I found my next (and a few more) inspiration, a document about overcoming anxiety. View the PDF here.

The PDF begins by saying if you are coping with anxiety, there are two ways to go about it. You can either give in and live with it or you can learn to overcome it with the tips given.


Here are the 12 tips they give:

– Control your thoughts. Lack of control over strengthens your anxiety – when negative thoughts get stronger, your anxiety gets stronger.

-Feelings and emotions both fuel and strengthen anxiety. Develop some self discipline some degree of emotional detachment, and learn to have control over your feelings.

-Before you go to sleep, and first thing when you wake up in the morning, think about the good things that are happening to you, even if small and insignificant.

-Start the day with several minutes of positive affirmations. Tell yourself how would like your day to be. Use positive, cheering and motivating words.

-Activity keeps your mind off your anxiety. When you wake up in the morning, start doing something right away, and keep busy all day. Reading, studying, meditating, or exercising your body can help you keep your mind away from anxiety. Thinking about your problems and worries won’t make them go away.

-Set a goal and work every day to achieve it. This action will direct your thoughts and feelings away from worries and anxieties, toward something more positive and constructive.

-Talk about your anxieties to someone you trust – talking can alleviate them, and put them in the right proportions, provided you talk objectively, and with a real desire to get rid of your anxiety, or at least reduce its intensity.

-Exercising your body and staying fit is a good way to keep fears and anxieties away.

-Find reasons to laugh. This will bring light and happiness into your life, and drive anxiety away. Watch comedies on TV, be with happy and amusing friends, or read something that makes you laugh.

-Use positive words in your conversation and in your inner talk

-Affirm and visualize positive situations and events. Visualize a happy and positive solution to your problems.

-Limit the time you watch the news (if it makes you anxious), and don’t watch anything that might upset you before you go to bed.

I thought these tips were good, and some of them were different from ones I’ve previously read, so I’ve learned something new. As I previously mentioned before, these types of tips can be used in my app as little motivators on the home screen or somewhere else on the app.


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