Inspiration – College Anxiety & Depression

I haven’t really looked at any videos as part of my Inspiration so I decided to look around online to see if there was anything good that related to my project. I discovered a short infographic video about College Anxiety & Depression.

The video has a lot of statistics about college students experiencing depression and anxiety, and while the figures are based on students in the US, they are still alarming and important.



The whole aim of this video is the emphasis on getting help if you need it. It focuses on talking to people about your thoughts and feelings or going to a therapist to seek further help. It also mentions that just because one therapist mightn’t work , doesn’t mean they all won’t work, and to look around to find one that suits you best.



It’s clear that a lot of students are experiencing various mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and they really need help. This video and the statistics alongside it reiterates that students need this help to cope with their mental health issues and if my app is going to be a way to help students out, then it must be effective – the methods I choose to have in my app must be useful for those who need to use it.


I like the style of the video and the animations and illustrations in it. I feel it’s a good way of getting useful and vital information across without being too boring or text heavy.


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