Inspiration – How to cope with mental health difficulties at University

I found an article by The Guardian about how to cope with mental health difficulties while you’re at University. I found this interesting because I wanted to see the different coping mechanisms that different sites are suggesting as well as informing myself of these mechanisms. You can read the article here.

The article splits the ways to cope into two sections – before you get to college and when you get there.

Before you get there: with regards to the location, if you experience mental health issues it might be wiser to go to university close to home. Some students may become more anxious/stressed in unfamiliar places. If you do move further away, keeping in touch with friends and family is important.


They also suggest contacting course providers as early as you can so you can let them know about your situation and discuss what you may need, as well as registering with a GP as soon as you arrive.


Having a plan when you get affected by mental health issues is important too, so you know exactly what to do when you experience them. These could be calling home, going for a run, etc.



When you get there: you need to know that you are not alone, and that plenty of other students have and still are going through what you’re experiencing – if you’re feeling extremely overwhelmed, go to a GP in the college or a counsellor.


If you don’t like the idea of going to a professional, peer-to-peer support is available in many colleges with organisations like Nightline.


I found this article interesting, and while these coping mechanisms don’t really directly relate to the app I want to create, it’s best for me to be informed of every aspect of these coping mechanisms & other aspects of mental health. Being informed and doing lots of research is vital at this stage of the project.



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