Inspiration – 10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety

I found a quick 10 minute meditation video that aims to help your anxiety. It’s a guided meditation, with a woman speaking and has slow, relaxing music in the background.

She talks you through closing your eyes, feeling the comfort of where you’re sitting or laying down, getting to know your surroundings, doing breathing exercises, imagining you’re on a beach or a desert, feeling the breeze and lots more.

The YouTube channel who posted this video also has lots of other different types of meditation on different topics – overcoming betrayal, changing your thoughts, stop beating yourself up, and letting go. This channel will be good for me to look at to see different types of meditation for different topics.

With something like this, it’s hard to measure how effective it is myself, as I don’t really suffer from anxiety. However, after looking at the comments from people who used this meditation, it’s clear that it is helpful. It has helped people sleep better, calm down, stop palpitations, and more.

For my app, it would be better if I found meditation exercises specifically for anxiety, depression, reducing stress, etc. I personally would like to have little illustrations for meditation but since meditation involves you closing your eyes it wouldn’t be practical. However, I liked this video, it was soothing and relaxing and I enjoyed listening to it even though I didn’t need it. I also liked how short it was as some students may not have the time to sit down and meditate for 30 mins+ whenever they feel anxious, so it’s important to have exercises that can be done in a short amount of time and still be effective.


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