Inspiration – 10 Steps to Mindful Meditation

Back to the topic of Meditation again, I stumbled across a nice info-graphic about 10 steps to mindful meditation on the Garrison Institute blog.

The ten steps are:

  1. Create time and space
  2. Set a timer
  3. Find a comfortable sitting position
  4. Check your posture
  5. Take deep breaths
  6. Direct the attention to your breath
  7. Maintain attention to your breath
  8. Repeat steps 6-7
  9. Be kind to yourself
  10. Prepare for a soft landing


These tips are essential for an enjoyable and worthy meditation session, and they are tips that can be included in the meditation exercises as part of the app. It’s obvious from the info-graphic that breathing is a main part of mediation and very important. I also particularly like the last two tips – I would’ve never thought of them, but they are also as important as the other tips given. Another thing I would mention is that the style of the info-graphic is quite nice, it’s striking, colourful and has the right amount of information without being too text heavy.


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