Inspiration – How are you feeling?

While looking at the website, I noticed a section on the site called How are you feeling? (view here)


It’s a scale for your mental health and how you are feeling. It ranges from 1 – 100, 1 being struggling and 100 being feeling good.

There are different stages and these are:

1-25 : Struggling.

26-57 : I’m doing ok.

57-100 : I’m good to go!

Each stage gives you a little quote/sentence about the way you’re feeling and tries to boost you up. For example, at the struggling stage it says: “We all go through tough times in our lives. When we do, we might find it difficult to cope with day to day life. These feelings are normal and usually pass, but if they don’t go away it can help to get support.” It also gives you a link to find supports around your area and a phone number for the Samaritans.


When you’re doing ok, it tells you: “When we feel ok, we might go through ups and downs, but most of the time we can cope with life’s challenges. There are lots of things we can do, every day, to help us feel well.” Then they give you tips to make you feel better.


When you’re good to go, it says: “When our mental health is good, we feel well and can enjoy day to day life. Good mental health also helps us deal with tough times and low points. There are lots of things we can do, every day, to help us feel well.” They also link the same tips webpage mentioned above.


I like this idea – you select how you feel and they give you advice on how to improve how you’re feeling and also a little inspirational sentence to keep you going. I don’t think it’s promoted enough on the site however – it’s shown on the homepage but it doesn’t directly link you to it. I think it’s a nice element of the site and I could implement something similar in my own app, maybe in the thought diary section where you can track your moods over the days/weeks. I could also do more stages to it than just the three that they’ve created.




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