Inspiration – Mindfulness Practice on Reducing Anxiety

Researching ways on how to reduce anxiety & anxiety/panic attacks, I found a blog post on a counseling website, Sharon Martin Counselling. The post is A Strategy to Reducing Anxiety.

The post explains what anxiety is, the symptoms, how it’s treated and how you can reduce your anxiety at home.

Then they give different examples of reducing your anxiety at home:

  1. Rate your anxiety from 1-10
  2. Sit up straight, place your feet on the ground and relax your shoulders
  3. Breathe slow and deeply
  4. Count how many windows are in the room
  5. Count how many electrical sockets you see
  6. How does the chair you’re sitting on feel like – is it comfy, soft, smooth?
  7. What colour are the trousers & shoes you’re wearing?
  8. What material is the floor made from – smooth, bumpy, dirty, or clean?
  9. What can you hear?
  10. Name your favourite tv shows
  11. Name all the shapes you can think of
  12. Rate your anxiety again – if it’s 5 or over, repeat


The post also gives a video that takes you through both a mental (like the examples above), physical and soothing grounding to help reduce anxiousness and calm you down.

I feel this post has a lot of information needed about anxiety. It not only tells you what it is, the symptoms, etc but it also gives you different ways to help reduce your anxiety. These would be very helpful when experiencing an anxiety or panic attack, and will be useful for me for my app. I like the way they also included a quick 10 minute video that will help calm you down too.


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