Inspiration – Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Third Level Students

In order to learn more statistics about mental health in students in Ireland, as well as what they should do  help their mental health problems, I read an article written by John Broderick, chairman of the Irish Association of University & College Counsellors (IAUCC), called Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Third Level Students.

The article speaks about a number of various things, such as:

How college life can negatively affect our lives by not being able to cope with time management, studies, health, and finances, as well as the transition to being independent, more responsible, new relationships and more. The student population is more vulnerable than others and student progress can be easily disrupted by mental health problems, as well as alcohol and drug misuses.

Statistics about mental health in young people- since 2006/2007, anxiety disorders have increased from 19-32%, depression from 9-24%, relationship issues from 11-24% and academic issues from 19-29%. A survey conducted of 8,053 college students between 17-25 showed 61% were engaged in problem drinking, 43% have considered at some point that life wasn’t worth living, 40% suffering from depression, 38% suffering from anxiety, 21% have self-harmed deliberately and 7% have attempted suicide.

Young people will have a lower risk of mental health problems and higher levels of optimism, self esteem and life satisfaction if they have even just one good adult they can talk to about their problems. 62% of the students surveyed said they would talk to someone if they had a problem (males are less likely to do this than females).

Counselling is very effective as it helps reduce levels of depression, anxiety and more in students who attend 4 or 5 sessions. Studies show that 75% of students said counselling helped them stay in college, as well as improve their academic achievements and their overall college life.

This article is mostly based on how counselling in colleges is really effective in helping students. Although this article doesn’t directly relate to my own project, I felt it’s still necessary for me to be informed of the facts about mental health in college students, and the alarming statistics presented in this article show that there are a lot of students suffering with mental health problems, especially anxiety and depression. My aim is to make this app as effective as it can be to help all the students who are suffering with various mental health problems.


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