Inspiration – Starting the Conversation

I found a Guidebook about college and mental health called Starting the Conversation, crated by NAMI – the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The guide is written for both students and parents to provide them with important information about mental health in college.


The guidebook is 28 pages long, and covers topics such as:


  • Why start a conversation about Mental Health?
    • The guide was created to start the conversation about mental health. These conversations allow you to be prepared for the unexpected- what to do if you develop a condition, or if it worsens. The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be.


  • Navigating College
    • This section speaks about stressors that can affect your mental health,  building connections, and managing stress.

14.PNG 15.PNG


  • Starting Your Conversation
    • Who to include in the conversation and different types of conversation starters for students and parents

17.PNG 18.PNG

  • Mental Health conditions are common
    • Statistics are given (U.S. statistics) about mental health and mental health conditions in college students


  • Common signs of a Mental Health condition
    • Here they mention 10 common signs of a mental health condition, such as feeling sad/withdrawn for more than two weeks, extreme difficulty in concentrating or staying still, seeing, hearing or believing things that are not real and more.


  • Mental Health care on campus
    • Listed are different campus resources for mental health, such as getting in contact with the campus counselling or the health centre


The guide also talks about alcohol and drug use and suicide help and resources.

I believe that guidebooks like these are essential for students who are already in college or just at the beginning of their college journey. I’ve never seen any of these kind of books given out to students in college and I think something like this should be implemented as they have a lot of important information. As well as having important information, it’s presented in a way that isn’t too text heavy and is easy to read as well as being visually appealing. I learned new things from this guidebook also, and I can consider this type of information and style in my own project.






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