Supervisor Session #6

Today we had our sixth supervisor session, where we had to present our 5 favourite/best Inspirations from the Inspiration phase.

The 5 I chose to speak about were Pacifica, SAM, Happier, TED Talk on Meditation and Reducing Anxiety. The reason I chose these was because I felt they were the best projects I had looked at – I had gained the most insight from these and these were the most inspiring to me.

After I had finished speaking, Hugh and Daniel asked me questions like what else I had looked at that wasn’t related to mental health, and they also asked me what was unique about my own project – I said the steps to help a panic attack would be a unique feature.

After we had all presented, Hugh and Daniel had some feedback:

  • We need to work on our presentation skills and we need to be more prepared
  • Inspirations shouldn’t always focus solely on your theme – look outside of this
  • Having an original idea is important
  • When speaking about an inspiration, don’t just say I like it – you have to validate why you like it and why you think it’s good
  • We should continue to find inspiring stuff, and we were advised to spend an hour a week looking for inspiration
  • From now on, we have to bring something to the session that will work towards our prototypes – whether that be sketches, colours, styles, design etc. If you don’t have something to show, you won’t get talked to. It’s all about progression

I found the Inspiration Phase really enjoyable, insightful and helpful. I learned a lot of new things and I feel a lot more informed about both my theme and my overall project. I have to admit I wasn’t as prepared for my presentation as I should’ve been (and usually am) so next time I will make sure I am. I also will take into consideration looking outside my theme when I look for more inspiring projects.


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