App Definition Statement & Users

Following on from the last post, I began to look at the process of creating an app.

The first step is an App Definition Statement. The statement is a clear, concise definition of the app, who it’s for and what it’s purpose is. To create the statement, I listed the proposed features and users for my app.


  • A step-by-step process to help reduce panic and anxiety attacks
  • Exercises that help cope with anxious or panicky feelings.

(At this stage, I am unsure whether to focus on one sole feature, and a few smaller ones or to have a bunch of different features)


  • College students, aged 17/18+
  • College students who experience anxiety and panic attacks

Statement Examples

#1 “A tool that helps students cope with and lessen panic attacks”

#2 “A panic attack relief tool for students who are suffering with mental health problems”

Next, I began to look deeper into the Users by creating User Personas and User Scenarios.

User Personas

User #1

Who: Female who suffers badly with panic attacks on a weekly basis

Frustrations: No resources she has that will help her

Not many people know how to calm people down when they are suffering with panic attacks

Goals: Be able to cope with panic attacks easier and quicker

Have helpful resources that are accessible anywhere


User #2

Who: Male who suffers with panic attacks occasionally

Frustrations: Suffers with panic attacks due to certain things, e.g. giving a speech

Doesn’t know how to lessen them or cope with them and how to calm himself down

Goals: Learn how to fight against the panic attacks

Figure out ways to calm himself down


User #3

Who: Male who has bad anxiety when stressed and under pressure

Frustrations: Doesn’t have time to spend 30 mins – 1 hour on exercises to help reduce anxiety every time he feels anxious

Nothing to help when he’s out and about and feeling anxious

Goals: Find a quick and easy way to help reduce his anxiety that he can use anywhere at any time

User Scenarios

User Scenario #1

Hazel is in her first year of college at UCD. She has suffered with panic attacks for years, and the new experience of starting college has worsened them. She feels there aren’t enough resources available, especially for dealing with panic attacks, and her friends aren’t really sure how to help her when she starts to have one. Using the app will help her cope with panic attacks through the step by step process.

User Scenario #2

Luke is a third year student at NUI Maynooth. He suffers from panic attacks from time to time, especially when certain things trigger them, e.g. giving a speech in front of people. He is unsure how to cope and how to stop the triggers from giving him panic attacks. Using the exercises on the app before the triggers could help Luke prevent the attacks from happening and calm him down.

User Scenario #3

Derek is in his final year at ITB. The stress and pressure of final year has made him more anxious than usual. He doesn’t have the time to spend 30 mins – 1 hour doing exercises that will help him calm down and reduce his anxious feelings. He also feels there is nothing he can do to help these feelings when he’s out and about. Using the app is a quick and easy way for Derek to calm down and that he can access from any location at any time.


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