Inspiration – How to Shut Down a Panic Attack

While researching ways to stop panic attacks, I came across a nice info-graphic that claims to help you shut down your panic attacks by using the AWARE method.

The AWARE Method allows you to regain control when a panic attack begins. Each letter of AWARE signifies a step in the process to help stop the panic attack.

A – Accept the anxiety. Fighting against it or getting frustrated that it’s happening will only make it worse.

W – Wait. Take a few moments or a minute to calm down, regain your thoughts and ability to concentrate and think.

A – Action. Work on settling and regulating your breathing from your stomach or your diaphragm.

R – Repeat. Repeat the steps given above until you feel better and the panic attack has stopped.

E – End. Remind yourself that panic attacks are only temporary, and they will always end.

Having a look at different ways to reduce and stop a panic attack is vital for me at this stage as I need to learn which methods are the most commonly used and the most effective. I liked this method as it was short and easy to remember – this is important during panic attacks as your mind is clouded with negative thoughts so you want something that is easy to remember.


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