Time to start prototyping

At our previous supervisor session, we were told that from now on we have to bring stuff with us to each session – kind of like a “show and tell” session.

The things we need to bring should all build up and lead to the prototype that we have to create and present in January – whether it be style, design, wireframes, mockups, fonts, colours, etc.

The way I want to tackle this with my app is to follow the same process we followed in the App Design & Development module. The process we used was:

Firstly, we created an App Statement by listing the features and users we want for the app. After we had defined these, we could then go on to create the statement by keeping the features and users in mind.

Next, we focus on the users, because without them, our app isn’t going to be successful. So we create user personas, user scenarios and then user experience maps. It’s important to engage users in each step of the process as their input is beneficial and may lead us to change different aspects of the app based on their needs.

After that, we start on design – flowcharts, design patterns, wireframing and prototyping. I will start these next week.


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