Supervisor Session #7

In this weeks session, I brought along the work I had done (features of the app, users, app statement, user personas and user scenarios).

I also explained to Hugh that I wasn’t sure if I should just focus on panic attacks or do an app focused on mental health overall. Hugh and a few of my classmates suggested that focusing on only panic attacks would be better and more beneficial. I expressed my concern about if having an app with just one feature would be enough for a project, but Hugh pointed out that if the app with just one feature actually helps someone with their panic attacks then it is enough, i.e. it’s the solution that determines whether it’s successful, not how many features the app has.

He also advised me on what I should be doing. Along with the tech stuff, like wireframes, sketches, flowmaps, etc., I should be doing a lot of research. Research is vital for a project like this as the solution needs to be effective. He suggested to talk to therapists, psychologists, people who have suffered and are suffering with panic attacks, and also people who have overcome them so I can find out what really works and is effective when dealing with panic attacks and the different ways you can relieve them, as well as the signs (physical and mental). The solution is the knowledge behind the app.

So my next step is to start talking to experts and people who have experience with panic attacks. I found this session really helpful as I am more clear about where I am and where I should be heading.


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