Talking with Please Talk

I sent an email out to different mental health organisations discussing my project, and Treasa Haniffy from Please Talk got back to me. When I had originally sent out the email, I hadn’t decided to focus solely on panic attacks, just a mental health app in general. When she got back to me, I had just decided to focus on panic attacks and explained that to her.

She’s currently on annual leave but as I needed students input, gave me a list of different college societies around Ireland that focus on mental health and their Facebook link so I could get in contact with them, as well as advising me to look at Spun Out and Reach Out for information about panic attacks. She also mentioned that if I launch this she would love to promote it and if there is a support section on the app to include PleaseTalk as one stop shop where they can find both on campus and off campus support services

The list of societies she gave me were: Please Talk UCD, Please Talk AIT, Please Talk LIT, Maynooth Mental Health Society, DIT Mental Health Society, DCU Mental Health Society, GMIT Mental Health Society, WIT Mental Health Society, CIT Mental Health Society, NUIG Psychological Society, UCC Samh Society, and MU Mental Health Society.

I messaged each of the societies explaining the concept of the app, and asking for advice/info about panic attacks, as well as methods used to help them, tell-tale signs, and symptoms. I also mentioned if any students who deal with them are comfortable with talking to me about them that they can feel free to do that too.

Treasa was a huge help to me. I never would’ve thought of asking half of the societies that she listed, and I’m sure the information they’ll give me will be very helpful.

One thing I noticed is that she never listed an ITB Mental Health Society. After realising this, I had a look at the ITB website and it seems there isn’t any MH society in the college, which I am quite surprised at. It’d be a good idea for a student to set one of these up next year.


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