Supervisor Session #8

So on Wednesday we had another supervisor session. I was a little late to this one due to filming for another assignment, which got delayed.

I spoke about speaking to the college nurse, speaking with different mental health societies around Ireland, and I also talked about the When Panic Attacks book.

I explained that I want to focus on helping students who suffer with mild panic attacks by giving them different ways on how to cope when they experience a panic attack.

Both my supervisors said my research was good and that I’m at a good place. Next I just have to think of the prototype I’m going to show in January. What I need to show is:

  • Background research
  • App Statement
  • Features and refined features
  • User personas
  • Point of View Statements
  • Colour palettes
  • Fonts
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • App prototype
  • What kind of design I’m going to use
  • The exercises I may include

I’m glad I was given a rough idea of what I needed as I wasn’t too sure what they really wanted. Pretty much I have to look at the process we completed during our App Design & Development module and follow that. I also will have some of these requirements ready to show for next weeks final session of the semester. As of now I am happy with my project and where I’m at!


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