For the app, it’s important that I choose colours that promote positivity, relaxation and calmness.

Suitable colours:

Blue –

Promotes peace, calmness and gentleness.

Helps relieve stress

Helps calm your mind, slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety

Go for a soft and neutral shade


Green –

Restful and quiet colour

Comforting colour – reflects nature

Attracts harmonious feelings that diffuse anxiety and help you stay calm and refreshed

Beige greens and pale yellow greens are best


Pink –

Promotes tranquillity and peace

Soothes various energies in a room and keep them understated

Promotes balance of your energies


 White –  

Promotes clarity and freshness

Helps with stress

Bright whites – not dull, dark whites


Purple –

Signifies strength and wisdom

Bring balance and feel inner peace

Creates a peaceful environment

Power of meditation can be ten times greater under violet light


Grey –

Very soothing and cooling presence

Works well when paired with blue or white


Yellow –

Promotes positivity


Makes you more active


After looking through different colours, the ones I feel that would work the best would be blue, green or purple.






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