Supervisor Session #9

Today we had our final supervisor session of the first semester. It’s crazy to think how quickly those few months went!

First, Daniel & Hugh talked about the Prototype & Presentation that’s due on the 11th of January. One of the main things they said was the importance of practicing your presentation beforehand, knowing how everything works, and being organised. Also, they said the design of your presentation is important too – don’t use PowerPoint templates! We’re designers and we’ve learned lots of design stuff so make it visually appealing and not just a black and white presentation with bullet points.

I spoke about what I was planning to do for my prototype: research document containing app statement, features, user personas, colours, fonts, etc. as well as sketches, wireframes, mockups and an app prototype using a prototyping tool like Mockingbot. I showed Daniel and Hugh my user personas, sketches, app statement, features and my point of view statements. Daniel suggested looking at other prototyping tools such as Invision as it’s nicer looking than Mockingbot.

With regards to the prototype, they said to try to be innovative with it, instead of just having a normal prototype. One idea was to create a short video of someone having a panic attack, opening up their phone and using the app to calm down (using After Effects). I really like this idea and think it would work well and be something different!

I feel comfortable where I’m at with the project and I’m planning to get a good bit done over the break. The prototype phase is the most important and carries the most marks so I need to do a really good job!


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