Font selection

Sticking with the topic of branding – font selection is next. From the beginning, I already had an idea of what sort of fonts to use for the app. Simplicity is key, and I want the chosen font(s) to reflect that. So that means no fancy fonts, cursive, script, retro, gothic etc – the font will be a basic (but nice!) san serif or serif font.

I personally love fonts and I always have a few favourites that I tend to use the most. Currently, these are: Roboto, Source Sans Pro, Raleway, and Gotham.




Source Sans Pro





As you can see, these fonts are all pretty similar, yet they have subtle differences. They are all simple fonts but they are nice fonts too. I think pairing two of these fonts together (one for headings using a heavier weight, and a lighter version for text) would work well.



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